Trekking & views


Views, Challenges and Equipment

Trekking is a broad concept, and can be carried out at  all levels of strain and with all sort of demands to equipment...

According to individual wishes I will focus on all or some of the topics:

  • Preparations, physical and mental
  • Equipment for various types of trekking
  • Views: illustrated by photos

I am fascinated by the wide spaces, but the outcome is never the same for two trips: means of accomodation ranging from huts to open air, size of company, ranging from many to none, level of strain, ranging from high mountains and thin air to level roads...

I may include material from e.g:

  • Nepal ( Everest Basecamp)l
  • Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)
  • Iceland
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Morocco (Jebal Toubkhal)
  • Spain (Gomera)
  • Portugal (Madeira)
  • Oman (Jebal Shams)


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