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Another look at Culture

- a photo report from Aarhus

The book with above mentioned title is now published -   the book is on sale through selected book stores and museums,  or directly ordered from the photographers.

The book will be supplemented by exhibitions in libraries and malls.

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“Re-thinking” is the continuous theme in “Aarhus - European Capital of Culture 2017”, and rethinking necessarily departs from the existing. This inspired us to depict the diversity of activities already taking place, with togetherness based on a common interest or activity as mainstay. Through photos we show examples representing a wider understanding of culture than generally believed, and often taking place far outside the limelight.

Ways of gathering differ from one social group to the other, and from one culture to the other, but in common is that togetherness forms the glue of a society. The more or less formalized or organized clubs, gatherings or groups based on common interest cover a wide field, but the coherence is the common denominator. Some are unique, but most are representatives of many activities of same kind.

Everywhere we have met great interest in and obligingness to our project, and it has been an exciting and instructive experience to follow the activities depicted. We hope that the readers (watchers) be inspired to participate in some of all this taking place.

Photographers and Authors:

Erik Paasch Jensen

Birger Jensen         

Jørgen Bundgaard