What are limited signed prints?Certified limited signed editions is a proof of original


Limited signed prints

These copies are printed by me the artist or the process is supervised by me to secure the highest quality, expression , and longevity in the final product.

Paintings exist in only one copy and perhaps a few drafts. This uniqueness is appealing to collectors. It is nice to own something special and the influence on pricing is also important.

However it is the very nature of photography to work with copies. Some art forms like lithography and serigraphy also produce 'original' copies. Artist working in this category produce their work in bundles called limited editions. Each copy is numbered and the total number of copies is also noted next to the signature.

Because a photo is not printed in all its copies at the same time for stock we cannot legally use the term 'limited edition'. In stead many art photographers state the maximum number of copies we intend to make of a series and keep track of it. This is called limited signed editions.

In my case a series is in a given format. Thus there usually is a series in large format like 50 x 70 cm of max 1 print and a series of 40 x 30 cm of max 5 prints.

For a copy to count as a limited signed print, you must buy it from me, a gallery or an exhibition. Copies from ImageKind, and other web based print services are not considered originals and are not signed with a certificate of authencity. If you are a collector or enjoy being owner of something special you want a signed copy.

Prints for the walls

No matter how much we love to watch photos and images on the screen there is nothing like a real quality print hanging on the wall.