om udvikling

Udvikling og forandring


“… if anyone goes there now looking for the life I led they will not find it, for technicians have been there since, prospecting for oil. Today the desert where I travelled is scarred with the tracks of lorries and littered with discarded junk imported from Europe and America. But this desecration is unimportant compared with the demoralization which has resulted among the Bedu themselves. While I was with them they had no thought of a world other than their own. They were not ignorant savages; on the contrary, they were the linear heirs of a very ancient civilization. ……now they are being driven out of the desert into towns where the qualities which once gave them mastery are no longer sufficient….now it is not death but degradation which faces them” [citat: Wilfred Thessiger, 1959]


“Intet at eje, intet at være” (citat: Carsten Niebuhr, jfr Thorkild Hansen, 1980)

…like so much in Oman today, some of the romance has gone, but it is all far more practical  [citat: Pauline Searle, 1979]


Alt er som bekendt relativt, så er det objektivt at anse det, vi selv kom fra og husker, som idealet? Er det kun den udvikling eller de forandringer, vi selv formår at betragte og bedømme, som er ødelæggende?

Og kan vi overhovedet betragte noget som helst, uden samtidigt at påvirke det?

…rise, my heart, and walk with dawn, for the night has passed    [citat: Khalil Gibran Khalil, 1923]